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The One-of-a-Kind Enamel Collection




“I make each piece with the intention to integrate form, texture, color, and movement.”  —Paula Sparks

About the Enamel Process

                 Enamel is glass that has been ground into a super fine powder. I sprinkle it on fine silver and fire in my fabulous blue kiln at 1450 degrees. At that temperature, the enamel melts and permanently joins the silver. Most of my enamel has five or six layers, which is fired after each application.

Paula Sparks

An early interest in jewelry found me repairing my Avon ballerina necklace at the age of seven. I went on to study jewelry and metalsmithing at the University of New Mexico, selling my jewelry at the flea market in Santa Fe, then exhibiting at national juried art fairs.

      Cloisonné enamel is my favorite medium because it allows me to combine glass and metal. I start by creating a rich texture on fine silver, intricately applying enamel, and firing at 1450 degrees. I use cloisonné wire and apply the enamel with a very fine paintbrush, a technique called wet packing. Most of my enamel has six layers or more, which is fired after each application. When the enamel pieces are finished, I set them in silver and add semi-precious stones. Each piece is made with the intention to integrate form, texture, color, and movement.

      For the past 25 years, I have been inspired to make bright, colorful, and happy jewelry. In an effort to achieve balance in my life, I also teach art to K–5th graders. It is such a joy to teach, encourage creativity, and share my talents!

      When I’m not playing with my daughters or teaching my elementary kiddos, I can be found in my studio. Knitting makes me giddy, and I love a good book. For fun, I stand up paddleboard, bike, swim, and walk my dog Lucy.

 about the artist 




be bold,

make a 

get your
on with
druzy . . .

enamel earrings

and necklaces

be extraordinary.
be you.
be kind.

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