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The One-of-a-Kind Enamel Collection

One-of-a-Kind Collection

Simple Elegance

Enamel Drop Earrings

Enamel Drop Earrings
Enamel Long Drop Earrings

These are my own everyday “go-to” earrings 
(Just ask my elementary art students!)

These enamel earrings are slightly concave to catch and reflect the natural light. Circle swirl drop, or the subtle flower pattern drop. All of my drop enamel earrings are available in a rainbow of cheerful colors. If there is a color you don't see, feel free to ask me. I welcome custom orders! Same goes for size . . . if you want something larger or petite just let me know. The longer earrings above are about 2 inches in length and the enamel drops are about the width of a penny (slightly more than 1/2").

Drop Earrings, Cloisonne Necklaces
Bold ”Statement“ Rings

Call or message me for pricing and availability.

Secret Bracelets

Text to come from Paula.

Earrings, Secret Bracelets, Rings
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